Faith Survey Mark Maps

Look for the hidden box at each of these locations:
In each box are bookmarks and a round Faith Survey Mark Sticker.
Take 2 bookmarks- one for yourself and one to share with a friend.
Take a Faith Survey Mark Sticker and place it on the page of your journal labeled: FAITH SURVEY LOCATIONS
***make sure you put them on the correct day!***
Once you have all 5 type in the secrete code on Google Maps to find the last hidden  box! 

Day 1 Hike

Rome Point (Saunderstown) 2.4 miles out and back

1. From the parking lot, head onto the trail (picture).
2. You stay straight on this path heading down toward the water. Be careful as you descend the big rocky hill. It can be slippery as rocks shift.
3. After you pass the clearing with the power lines, take the first right.
4. There is a rock wall right off the path.
5. Hidden in the corner will be the box you’re looking for (picture)
6. Return it covered up after you gather what you need.
7. Head back to the main path to see the beach.
8. Simply turn around to take this path back to the parking lot!

Day 2 Hike

Frenchtown Park Trail (East Greenwich) 1.3 miles out and back

1. Start at the big rock (Picture) and go carefully down the hill.
2. Cross over 2 bridges.
3. Follow the path to the LEFT.
4. You will come to an intersection with the trail Common Mill Trail (picture). Stay LEFT.
5. Keep walking on this main path all the way to the end.
6. When you get near the road look to the hill on the RIGHT.
 7. You will find a stump with 5 trees growing out of it (picture).
8. Go to this tree and look inside. Make sure you recover the box.
9. To go back: Turn around and stay on this trail.
10. At intersection with Cotton Mill Trail stay RIGHT. It will lead back to the bridges you need to cross over to get back to the parking
*There are many other cool trails and paths. Check them out! One goes right beside the waterfall!

Day 3 Hike

Rocky Point Trail (Warwick) 1.6 mile loop

1. From the parking lot, head onto the paved walkway in the direction of the water.
2. At the first intersection, take a LEFT.
3. You will pass by a huge arch.
4. Shortly after this, you’ll see a set
of stairs on the left hand side. The stairs have yellow rails (picture). GO UP the stairs.
5. On the left is a rock hill. Walk around it until you see a big rock with the box hiding
under it (picture).
6. After carefully putting the box back, head back down the stairs.
7. You’ll pass the fishing pier on the right.
8. Continue on the pavement trail til you see a sign for Rocky Beach Cottages (picture).

Bear left. This leads you right back to the parking lot where you began.

Day 4 Hike

Mount Tom Trail (Arcadia) 1.4 miles out and back
** this is the hardest trail **

1. From the small parking lot, head to the start of the trail
on the right side of the road (picture).
2. Follow the white blazes.
3. You will cross a small stream. If the log is wet, or makes you feel uneasy, there is a rock on the left that you can use to jump across.
4. Continue
on the trail up to the thrones (picture).
5. Behind the tallest throne is a big rock.
6. You will find the box hidden underneath (picture).
7. Place it back and turn around and head back the way you came following the white trail blazes!

Day 5 Hike

Browning Mill Pond Loop(Arcadia) 1.6 mile loop


1.From the parking lot, face the road.

2. Start of the trail is on the top left side of the parking lot (picture).

3. Follow the YELLOW blazes.

4. The pond will be on your left 

5. Cross over 2 bridges.

6. Eventually, you’ll come to an old foundation on your right. Keep going.

7. After crossing a series of small wooden bridges, you’ll come to the waterfall. You can cool off at the bottom.

8. Walk up the hill to the top of the waterfall and go right.

9. Stay straight on this path and follow along the fences. 

10. Cross another bridge right near a beaver lodge.

11. Before you go up the last hill to the parking lot (picture) *Cars will be in sight*,there is a trail to the left.
12. Go over to the big tree and locate the box inside.

13. Turn around and head to the parking lot!

Found all 5 Faith Survey Marks?

In the google maps search bar type in the codes on each of the markers in correct Day Order.
This will give you directions to our last Hidden Box.