Race Challenge Envelopes

Can be done at any point of the day

Make a Practical Tool

 Design and make your own prayer journal.
You can use paper, stickers, crayons, markers, anything!
Upon completion add Today’s Main Truth sticker to your journal.

Memory Mix Up

Write the memory verse on a bunch of index cards.
Now mix them all up.
Time how fast you can put them into correct order.
Upon completion add today’s memory verse sticker to your journal.

Browning Mill Pond Loop

(Arcadia) 1.6 mile loop

1.From the parking lot, face the road.

2. Start of the trail is on the top left side of the parking lot (picture).

3. Follow the YELLOW blazes.

4. The pond will be on your left 

5. Cross over 2 bridges.

6. Eventually, you’ll come to an old foundation on your right. Keep going.

7. After crossing a series of small wooden bridges, you’ll come to the waterfall. You can cool off at the bottom.

8. Walk up the hill to the top of the waterfall and go right.

9. Stay straight on this path and follow along the fences. 

10. Cross another bridge right near a beaver lodge.

11. Before you go up the last hill to the parking lot (picture) *Cars will be in sight*,there is a trail to the left.

12. Go over to the big tree and locate the box inside.

13. Turn around and head to the parking lot!